Travel Medicine

To travel is to take a journey into yourself

If you will be travelling in the next few months, especially if you are going overseas, have a chronic illness, or will be flying with children, it is a good idea to visit your GP.

Some immunisation schedules can take up to 8 weeks, so make your appointment as soon as you start planning your trip to an area for which vaccinations are required.

Our GPs are experienced in advising patients of the health risks associated with travel, and how to prevent or cope with them if health problems arise.

The caring doctors at MyDoc Healthcare can offer invaluable advice on:

  • how to best handle motion sickness
  • preventing or coping with common viruses that you may obtain overseas
  • copying with chronic illnesses while travelling, and
  • which immunisations you may require and arrange these.


  • Travel Consultations
  • Pre-Travel Health Assessments
  • Travel Vaccinations

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